Free/Busy Publishing

Although iTIP specifies the exchange of free/busy information through requests and replies, many mail-based calendar clients do not support these particular operations over e-mail when providing general iMIP support. However, they may support the acquisition of free/busy information over HTTP.

The publishing of free/busy resources for users can be enabled by default in the configuration by changing the PUBLISHING_DEFAULT setting:


For this setting to have an effect, the SHARING_DEFAULT setting will need to be changed to enable free/busy sharing by default:


Users can enable sharing and publishing themselves by accessing their profile in the management interface.

Depending on the Web server configuration, resources are made available at a location resembling the following:

Individual user data is published in locations like this:

Here, the identity has been URL-encoded. Web browsers and mail programs may perform such encoding on a location given more informally as follows:

However, the properly-encoded version is regarded as the definitive version.