File Store

The file data store is the default mechanism for storing calendar objects and free/busy details, making use of various directories as described in the filesystem usage guide.

Benefits of the file store include transparency and ease of administration: all data is stored in text files, direct modification of certain files can be performed to change the system's behaviour, archiving is possible using traditional filesystem tools. However, the simple representation may make certain operations costly, such as the modification of tabular data, and querying of data may not always be particularly convenient.

Thus, the database store exists as an alternative, offering different characteristics to those of the file store.

Configuration Settings

The configuration files ( and config.txt) need to be updated when choosing a file store.

File Setting Value Description STORE_TYPE file Selects the default file storage type
config.txt STORE_DIR /var/lib/imip-agent/store Indicates the filesystem location of the data store
JOURNAL_DIR /var/lib/imip-agent/journal Indicates the filesystem location of the journal