Cron Task Scheduler Integration

The conf/cron/cron.daily/imip-agent file contains commands that update the following:

This file should be copied to the appropriate destination. For example:

cp conf/cron/cron.daily/imip-agent /etc/cron.daily/

Where frequency-specific directories are not supported by cron on a system, a crontab entry of the appropriate format is required instead.

Event Recurrences

The periods defined by recurring events are not all recorded in a user's free/busy collection if such events recur indefinitely. Instead, only the periods within a certain window of time are recorded for such events. As a consequence, free/busy collections need to be progressively expanded over time to include periods that were ignored when previously recording free/busy information for an event.

See the guide to event recurrences for more information on how recurring events are supported.

Responsibility for generating free/busy expansions lies with the tools/ program, which is a general tool that can also reset the free/busy records defined for a user or those made available to a user, as well as the free/busy records defined for a resource quota.

Quota Journals

As events are confirmed for resources, where quotas on resources have been imposed, such quotas will be consumed until eventually exhausted, thus preventing future reservations. By expiring records of past events, quotas can effectively be replenished, allowing reservations to be made for future events.

See the resources guide for more information in imposing quotas on groups of resources.

Responsibility for updating the quota records lies with the tools/ program, which can be used manually to update quota information for the indicated quota groups.