Getting Started

Although not strictly necessary for the direct use of this software, it is likely that the output from this software will be used together with the L4Re distribution. See the prerequisites for more details of this and other required software.

Building the Software

To build the software, run the following command in the top-level directory of this software distribution:


This should produce the idl tool.

Deploying the Software

Since this software is intended for use with L4Re, it is suggested that this distribution be available from within the top-level l4 directory of that software distribution. The following command may be used to achieve this:

ln -s $IDL4RE $L4DIR/l4/idl4re

(Here, $IDL4RE needs to expand to the location of this distribution, whereas $L4DIR needs to expand to the location of the L4Re/Fiasco.OC software.)

For example:

ln -s ~/Software/idl4re ~/L4Re-Software/l4/idl4re

Moving this software's repository to the appropriate location is also acceptable.

Using the Software

See the idl document for more information on running the idl tool and additional documentation, most relevant for standalone use.

See the L4Re Support document for information more directly relevant to use within L4Re build system packages.

See the guides to writing clients and servers.