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MoinLight is a distribution of programs and libraries for working with content encoded in the MoinMoin wiki markup format. This markup format is generally concise and supports many kinds of HTML document features using intelligible plain text representations.

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Although it is obviously possible to use the MoinMoin software (hereafter referred to as Moin) to work with such content, there are a few advantages in developing independent tools instead:

The wiki format is described in the syntax documentation.

Getting Started

To convert a collection of wiki pages in a directory (with pages containing the original pages and htdocs being the desired output directory), run the moinconvert program as follows:

moinconvert --input-dir pages --output-dir htdocs --all

To convert a single file from such a collection (such as FrontPage), run the program as follows:

moinconvert --input-dir pages FrontPage

This will produce the serialised page on standard output rather than writing it to a file.

Other options are typically useful when running the program, such as --theme for styling and wrapping the output, --macros for expanding macros in documents, and --format for choosing alternative output formats.

See moinconvert for more information on the moinconvert program.

Abstractions and Architecture

MoinLight provides a number of abstractions for working with Moin wiki content:

A major objective with MoinLight is to be able to produce static files that can be served using a typical Web server without any need for scripts, applications or other kinds of dynamic content. Other objectives are described in the Roadmap document.