Landfall has the following general dependencies or prerequisites:

Prerequisite Suggestions
Basic development tools (for building the software) Debian package: build-essential
Cross-toolchains (for building the software) Buildroot C/C++ toolchains
or Debian toolchains (for the CI20)
GNU Unifont (needed to display text) Debian package: unifont
Tested with Debian version 1:11.0.03-1
L4Re (this work's foundation) Tested with repository version r83
L4Re-Fiasco.OC-patches (needed for device support) Tested with snapshot-2020-06-17
MoinLight (needed for documentation)
Python (needed to run tools) Debian package: python
Tested with Debian version 2.7.16-1

See also the prerequisites for the L4Re-Fiasco.OC-patches distribution, described in that distribution's documentation.